Escape Rooms


Saturday Only – Minimum of 4 Players for All Rooms.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled game time to check in. 


Players 16 years of age or younger must be accompanied by a paying adult.

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The Farmhouse

It was supposed to be a simple walk through the countryside when you stumbled across an old farmhouse. What could the harm be to knock on the door and ask for directions?

You knock on the door and the farmer welcomes you in, then you hear the lock click as the door shuts and you know you are trapped.

Do you and your friends have what it takes to escape in less than an hour or will you become part of the history of the farmhouse?

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Recommended for beginners!

The Train of Thought

The world is quickly changing as the industrial revolution merges with the best of Victorian culture. New innovations are showing up daily changing the way we live.

One such invention has caught your eye for some time now, the fastest luxury train, The Train of Thought! Its riders speak of an experience like no other, filled with exotic adventure. Your time has finally come to ride this magnificent iron horse. What mysteries await you, well only time will tell, but this is an escape room, what could possibly go wrong? Book your escape room experience today!

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Recommended for beginners!

The Lost Temple

Players are students of their beloved Dr. Jones, a famous adventurer that has spent his long career traveling to many archeological sites around the world, collecting artifacts to bring back to his museum. He regrets that there was one artifact that he was never able to find: The Golden Idol, rumored to be hidden in the Lost Temple.

Can you escape in under 60 minutes? If not, the tomb door will be locked and you will be trapped with the others…

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The Secret Agent

You are the backup team for Agent Claussen.

Claussen was working on collecting top secret information from agents in other countries. Unfortunately, he has been compromised. He was able to send us a few pieces of intel before disappearing.

Do you and your team of agents have what it takes to save the other countries in 60 minutes?

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You and your team have been CONVICTED for a crime you did not commit.

After sentencing, the judge ordered you to be transported to a maximum-security prison. While you are being processed to serve out a life sentence, a prison guard has tipped you off that the warden has framed you and there is evidence in his office.

You have one hour to break out of your holding cells and infiltrate the warden’s office. This is the only chance you will have as you will never be near the warden’s office once you are booked into the prison’s general population areas. Good Luck and be careful not to get caught by the other guards. You have ONE HOUR to prove your INNOCENCE!!

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